Whipped Honey Spread

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Whipped Honey Spread
Jim Curlee, our honey man at Heather Valley Honey, whips his raw unprocessed honey for two hours, and voila! He has whipped honey spread, sometimes called "honey butter." Sometimes he uses his wildflower honey, and sometimes he uses blueberry honey, which is from the hives he takes to blueberry farms for pollination. So the only nectar the bees get (well, most of it) is from blueberry flowers. It is a slightly milder honey, and very good indeed! 

When Jim whips the blueberry nectar honey, he adds freeze dried blueberries to the mix, and oh my, this is pretty wonderful stuff. But for the purists, he also has his plain wildflower whipped honey spread. Take your pick from the drop down menu - small, large, blueberry or wildflower.

All prices contain a shipping surcharge. Sorry, they are in glass jars, and expensive to ship, but the good news there is no surprise charge for shipping at checkout. We keep our prices as low as possible so that you are happy and we can stay in business!

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