Pure & Natural Deodorant– Breeze of Provence

Pure & Natural Deodorant– Breeze of Provence

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Pure and natural, with organic ingredients. Keep that funky underarm odor at bay! With five pure antibiotic essential oils – rosemary, lavender, basil, thyme and fennel. Those essential oils are what make this product work!

Also includes organic arrowroot, baking soda and unprocessed organic coconut oil. 

"My customers love it and come back for more. Most natural deodorants have a wax (usually beeswax) to hold them together. I don't use any wax at all, so the sticks are pretty fragile. Turn it up about a quarter notch for each use and move across your underarm carefully. It's worth the extra fuss.I do think the waxes that are added to most natural deodorants interfere with the absorption of the essential oils." –Susan Siemers, Owner and Founder Ceres & Co