CBDrop – Isolate

CBDrop – Isolate

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This 500mg Pure CBD Oil Tincture has zero THC providing a moderate dose of the highest quality cannabidiol oil. Formulated with 99% pure CBD isolate, this Pure CBD Oil Tincture can be added to food and beverages or straight under your tongue. However you decide to ingest it, you’ll feel this flavorless oil get to work quickly, delivering quick relief.

These “half size” bottles will no longer be available, when we run out of current stock we will not be able to order again. The company is going to 1000 mg bottles in the future. So if you like this size, or want to start small to see how it works for you, grab it now!

Sale price is $32 for a half ounce dropper bottle holding 500 mg. of isolate CBD oil.

Remember the dose is in DROPS – NOT droppers full! 

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